Detective Pikachu

I was asset supervisor on Detective Pikachu during 2017. It was great fun trying to get these crazy creatures approved in 3D by japan.
It was also a great working closely with Rob letterman and Erik Nordby to get these characters matching the aesthetic feel of the 2D original designs yet making them work in 3D.

Christopher antoniou pica01
Christopher antoniou pica03

It took us a while of going back and forward till we got a shape that really worked. Nicolas Guiraud my lead at the time made sure it was a cute as could be. And we got it approved by Japan. Our other big issue was Pikachu's unrealistic yellow colour.

Christopher antoniou pica02

Highlighted are a few of the characters that where worked on at MPC.

Christopher antoniou pica04

Mr Mine was one of Robs favourites. So for a very simple character a lot of effort was put into him. Getting his subsurface just right. All his face shape, and how far we could push him without him looking too scary.